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Our artisanal herbal products are crafted with utmost care using the finest organic herbs and oils.

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Herbal education

Rest, Replenish, Renew. Embark on a transformative journey exploring our classes, programs, and retreats.

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No matter why you’re here… These foundational products will get you started on your herbal wellness journey.


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    customer reviews

    Mineral Blend Tea

    Product Review

    I’ve only had this for two days now and I’m already noticing a difference. Not just in hair and nails, but the way I feel. Somehow more energized. It feels like healing inside out!


    Little Herb Shoppe

    Shop Review

    Walking into The Little Herb Shoppe is a parting of the veils to a magical healing space.


    Exploring How Herbs Can Help You!

    Class Review

    I liked having this introduction class to just refresh my knowledge of the basics of herbalism and it was taught in a way that was very easy for me to retain.


    Little Herb Shoppe

    Shop Review

    This shop is great! The best part is that they don't blow smoke all over you when you walk in the door.


    Adrenal Support Tea

    Product Review

    The Deep Adrenal support tea is amazing. I cant believe how much better I feel and how I have so much more energy. Greatness in a cup!

    How do I

    Balance hormones?

    Balancing hormones can look different for each person. If your struggling with PMS, menopause, acne, fertility, libido or any other hormonal struggle, THIS is where you should start!

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    botanical & wildlife

    The Lakota Botanical and Wildlife Sanctuary is dedicated to protecting wildlife and preserving endangered forest medicinal plants. Conservation of this 65-acre property is vital to the ecosystem in our small corner of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.