Please help support Gaia Animal Shelter in Kiev, Ukraine! Donations can be made through our sanctuary and will go toward critical care for dogs and cats during this urgent time. Thank you!

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The Burdock Fund

Thank you for visiting our botanical sanctuary page. We are fundraising to support the people of Ukraine and are raising desperately needed funds for GAIA ANIMAL SHELTER. This will allow them to continue giving critical care and much needed additional food for the animals in their shelter. And the many other animals that will become homeless during this crisis.

Can you imagine trying to survive while taking care of many homeless dogs and cats. Most volunteers are unavailable, and the city is under rampage. Yet, throughout the day, they are comforting, feeding, and walking these animals.

Please donate any amount. In addition, 10% of all online sales will go toward Gaia and the animals of KYIV. We are awaiting 501c3 status. Donations are not yet tax deductible.

“Donation for the animal shelter in Kiev. Thanks for helping them during this dire time.” Peter”

“Donation to Ukraine Animal Shelter – thanks Kim for connecting us to that important cause.” Jessica

From Anna, founder of GAIA Animal Shelter 2/25/2022 “Every day is a quest for survival. Weapons shooting, it feels like a gamble. Whatever is meant to be will be. It is already helping to gain some peace of mind that help is out there for now.””


“My husband went into Dartmouth Hospital with congested heart failure for ten days. Recovery has been slow and steady. Upon departure, he was placed on four medications on a daily bases with various side effects that have occurred.  It was our plan to remove him from all medications within a year of his departure from the hospital.

 Over this past winter,, he had more side effects that he did not want to live with, so he decided to remove himself from medication.

The herbs from the Little Herb Shop and funds from the Burdock Fund to have helped him to recover from the side effects which he did fully recover from over several weeks. So today he is free of side effects and all medications.

We are grateful to the Burdock Fund and the Little Herb Shop for their assistance in my husband’s recovery.


K & F V, Wheelock, Vermont”


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