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Support the Lakota Botanical and Wildlife Sanctuary




The Community Burdock Fund


“My husband went into Dartmouth Hospital with congested heart failure for ten days. Recovery has been slow and steady. Upon departure, he was placed on four medications on a daily bases with various side effects that have occurred.  It was our plan to remove him from all medications within a year of his departure from the hospital.

 Over this past winter,, he had more side effects that he did not want to live with, so he decided to remove himself from medication.

The herbs from the Little Herb Shop and funds from the Burdock Fund to have helped him to recover from the side effects which he did fully recover from over several weeks. So today he is free of side effects and all medications.

We are grateful to the Burdock Fund and the Little Herb Shop for their assistance in my husband’s recovery.


K & F V, Wheelock, Vermont”


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