Organic Essential Oils



We offer a variety of high quality essential oils

Essential oils are made of the volatile oils of different plants, and are extremely concentrated. The bottles may seem small, but a little goes a long long way! Most personal projects and applications won’t require more than 10 drops– they’re that strong! These oils are special in that they are so versatile, their uses are practically endless! Add a couple drops to your laundry or bathwater, dab around your car, add into cleaning solutions (essential oils are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal!), use for aromatherapy, and not to mention the countless DIY applications (scented candles, salves & balms, custom oils, insect repellents, facial steams, bath salts & body scrubs, deoderants, air fresheners… the list goes on!). We only carry organic essential oils, so if we’re missing your favorite scent, chances are it’s because we weren’t able to find it organicially. Have fun and be creative! Once you begin to experiment with these powerful oils, you’ll never want to stop!


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