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Herbs for Winter Health & Immunity Stew Cooking Class



This Class will be offered November 2021. Stay tuned for updated information.

Herbs for Winter Health & Immunity Stew Cooking Demonstration

Come learn how to use herbs to strengthen you & your family’s immunity for robust health this winter.

We’ll teach you a variety of ways to utilize herbs and along with many holistic winter health tips to help keep you strong during the long cold season ahead.

Using Astragalus, Burdock, Immuno-modulating Medicinal Mushrooms, Mineral rich & gland-supporting Seaweeds & many others herbs, you can turn any soup or stew recipe into a Winter Superfood. You’ll learn this and other easy ways to cook with herbs! We’ll also demonstrate preparing a delicious Deep Immunity stew with samples to share at the end of class.

Can’t make class? Check out our Medicinal Mushroom Soup Mix and Seaweed Soup Mix Blends.

Instructions how to make your own broth are inside and this is the base of the Stew for our cooking demonstration. To your health!

Your attendance at this class supports The Community Burdock Fund that helps provide access to herbal medicine to low income members of our community. And for our work of protecting our woodland sanctuary and the plants there through The Lakota Botanical Sanctuary.

Thank you for understanding there are no refunds classes or workshops. You are welcome to have someone come in your place.

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