Chakra Pillar Candles



These beautiful chakra candles are long-burning, and correspond to each of the seven chakras, which in the ancient Vedic tradition are interconnected energy centers that influence spiritual & emotional expression. Each essence can be used alone or combined with others, depending on which chakras you wish to bring into work with.

Grounding Root chakra connects with strong earth forces and asssociated with the color red, survival, and money.
Sensual Sacral chakra connects our creativity, inner confidence, sexual energy and ignites healthy desire.
Empowering 3rd Solar Plexus chakra connects our will and is associated with digestion and inspires the expression of personal energy.
Opening Heart 4th chakra connects us with the heart and helps us to open the floodgates of compassion, understanding, & love.
Expressive Throat 5th chakra connects our expression to our heart and inspires calm, confident, and clear communication.
Insightful Third Eye 6th chakra connects us to our knowing through higher intuition, and nourishes consciousness and the fulfillment of vision.
Enlightening Crown 7th chakra connects us to the higher realms and our personal journey toward a higher understanding and consciousness.


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