Chakra Balancing Aromatherapy Roll-Ons



These beautiful roll-on aromatherapy perfume oils correspond to each of the seven chakras, which in the ancient Vedic tradition are interconnected energy centers that influence spiritual & emotional expression. Each essence can be used alone or combined with others, depending on which chakras you wish to bring into work with.

Grounding Root – An earthy blend featuring vetiver & nutmeg. Grounds you with strong earth forces.
Sensual Sacral – A musky blend featuring sandalwood & sweet orange. Uncoils your inner confidence and ignites healthy desire.
Empowering Solar Plexus – A delicate citrus blend featuring lemon & helichrysum. Inspires the expression of personal energy.
Opening Heart – A soft floral blend of geranium & lemon. Opens the floodgates of compassion & understanding.
Expressive Throat – A sweet blend of soft chamomile & vanilla. Inspires calm, confident, and clear communication.
Insightful Third Eye – A complex herbal blend featuring rosemary & lavender. Nourishes consciousness and the fulfillment of vision.
Enlightening Crown – A smoky, sweet blend of frankencense & neroli. Inspire supreme transcendance.

These organic perfume oils are natural and uplifting! Mix and match, and feel those energies flow.


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