The Lakota Botanical and Wildlife Sanctuary

The Lakota Botanical and Wildlife Sanctuary is dedicated to forest and wildlife protection and the preservation of endangered forest medicinal plants. Conserving this 65 acre property is vital to the ecosystem in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. This rural property is home to Moose, bear, bobcat, coyote, turkey, hawks and so many other beautiful woodland creatures, and rare birds, that have lost much of their habitat. We have trillium, lady’s slipper, goldthread, solomon seal, gravel root, coltsfoot, boneset, blue cohosh, black cohosh and more.

This land was purchased by us in 2016 and is an off-grid parcel, which is part of its special appeal. Offering retreats, herbal medicine and healing work here, this land holds a very special vibration. Mayan Elder, Nana Wilma from Guatemala has come to share her land prayer and fire rituals. She tells us “The spirits of this land are very happy we have come.”

Kim has held fast to stewarding this land and underwent tremendous sacrifice to transform the land and ensure the plants and animals that live here are safe. She is in the process of writing a book on her adventures moving here and creating sanctuary. Her efforts continue today.

You are welcome to come to the sanctuary by appointment and for events offered here.

Please consider a donation to support Kim’s efforts for this beautiful property, and the animals, plants and healing work that takes place here. You may donate below Lakota and his geese.



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