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Classes & Workshops

Page In Progress. Updating 2021 Classes - Post Covid.

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Allergy Relief with Herbs Class

 Sniffling, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes? Dust, pet dander, house mites, and pollen?

Put down the Benadryl! Herbs can help! Learn to soothe your suffering sinuses with Herbal Teas, Nasal Rinses, Tinctures, Eye Washes, Steams and many practical tips.  June 2nd. Save $$ when you pre-register and learn more below.




 Herbal Plant & River Walk




Register now to Join us for a Great time!!  




  Love of the Earth Fire Ceremony with Gutemalan Mayan Elder 


Mayan Fire Ceremony with Elder Nana Wilma
Suggested donations $10-$100  Thursday August 8th with shared potluck meal.
More information coming. Register at the shop or call (603) 444 - 5577
Nana travels here from Guatemala every year, to bring her rich teachings to the North. She describes herself as a bridge builder, and a spiritual seed planter. It is our honor, and joy, to have her back here again for ceremony in Vermont and Massachusetts. 
Nana also offers personal one on one divinations. If you are interested in having time with her, please contact Kim.

During this fire ceremony, we will connect deeply with the land, the Earth, our Mother, as we ask for guidance and remember we are the protectors of this place, and .... (Read more by clicking the Register Button below)



The Lakota Botanical & Wildlife Sanctuary Land Celebration Day

The land we care for guides us. Join us as we honor Mother's nature way.


Past classes


Healthy Liver Class 

 Nourishment for Liver health and natural Spring Detoxification!

 Your liver is the largest filter in your body responsible for over 1000 processes. Caring for your liver is an important spring (and year-round) ritual. Come learn just how amazing the liver is despite how often many of us abuse it. Learn to give your Liver good nourishment.  Love Your Liver!


Re-Mineralization Herbs to.... mineralize the Body

Join us for this important class to learn why Mineralization is important for you. Want healthy & inside and out beautiful skin, hair, bones & balanced metabolism?! Join us for a tea/infusion demonstration and learn ways to get more minerals in.


"Herbal Winter Health & Cooking with Immune Enhancing Herbs"

Cooking with Immune Enhancing Herbs

We all know at least someone suffering from a cold that just won't go away, or a sinus infection or are in bed with the flu! We'll share information about using herbs and a variety of practical tips for to improve your health during the upcoming winter months! Learn which herbs can support the body as it deals with winter ills such as colds, flu, allergies, dry skin, and seasonal blues. We will cover innovative and easy ways to incorporate these remedies into your lifestyle for maximum health benefit. Herbs can strengthen immunity, shorten illnesses, soften skin, and lift the mood! Keep yourself and your family healthy this year the natural way!

Then we'll demonstrate making a delicious Immunity Stew! We'll revamp basic stews and dishes into immune -boosting super foods using medicinal herbs, mushrooms, seaweeds and spices. Best of all, we'll share our stew at the end of class! Who knew strengthening your immune system could be so tasty? This is an information-filled class, so bring along your questions... and notebook.


Medicinal Mushrooms & Tincture Making Demonstration


Decoctions, double-extractions, cooking, ID, medicinal, culinary and many other uses.



Herbal Infused Honeys & Vinegars 

Already deeply nourishing, come learn how to boost the medicinal and nourishment factor of raw honey & vinegar even more!  


Elderberry Syrup Workshop & Herbal Medicine Balls

 An easy delicious snack (and herbal medicine)


Natural Allergy Relief

Join us to learn local plants that can help, along many tips for reducing the suffering of your sinuses! Learn a variety of herbs & recipes to help. Tea & Tincture Blends along with recipes for nasal rinses, eyewashes and herbal steams!

Whether it's house mites, dust, pet dander, or pollen that makes your allergy symptoms flare up, we’ll discuss natural solutions! Safe for the whole family, including animals. Click below to learn more or to Pre-register.


Bitters for Healthy Digestion

Sugar Cravings? Poor Digestion?

 Learn how bitters regulate appetite, support digestion, manage blood glucose & support healthy weight!

 The digestive system is the seat of wellness. Digestive upsets are extremely common, often stress related and can have a negative impact on your entire system. We’ll sample a variety of bitter digestives and experience a wide range of tasty and unusual flavors at "The Bitter Challenge for Healthy Digestion workshop.. Try Bitters for 30 days and feel the difference!


    Day 1 Opening Circle ~ Hike along the Woodland Plant Trail ~ wetland & canopy
    Lunch ~ ReMineralization Class ~ Doctrine of Signatures
    Fire Ceremony 4-7 with Mayan Elder, Nana Wilma 4-7pm followed with potluck dinner
    Evening activities TBA ~ Camp on our land
Day 2  Breakfast 8am ~  Opening Circle and plant talk ~ United Plant Savers and caring for endangered plants
    Plant Spirit Meditation in the Herbal Garden ~ Botany ~ Closing Circle
Sliding scale $100-$200. Work exchange available.
If you'd like to join us for one class or part of the retreat, or to inquire about work exchange please email Kim at


Love Your Liver 

Nourishment for Liver health and natural Spring Detoxification!

Your liver is the largest filter in your body responsible for over 1000 processes. Caring for your liver is an important spring (and year-round) ritual. Come learn just how amazing the liver is despite how often many of us abuse it. Learn to give your Liver good nourishment.





 Herbs for Healthy Digestion

 Bring along your digestive concerns & questions!

 The digestive system is the seat of wellness. Digestive upsets are extremely common, often stress related and can have a negative impact on your entire system. Join us for a fun, informative class where we will discover which plants and natural products can help ease and strengthen our digestive tracts.  We will sample a variety of digestive herbs and experience the wide range of tasty and unusual flavors that help ease and strengthen our digestive systems.


 Naturally Beautiful Hair and Skin

 Making Our Own Natural Beauty Products. It's fun and easy to make your own skin care and hair products from simple, plant-based ingredients. Join us for a fun night of beauty product making adventures! We will learn the history of plant use for enhancing beauty and the benefits of using these herbal allies. Shampoo, herbal infused vinegars, and honey masks are three of the preparations we will make in this 2 hour workshop. Everyone will take home recipes and a sample. This is a very popular class- reserve your spot today!

For gorgeous, healthy, vibrant Skin & Hair.........


 Herbal Goddess Circle ~ Initiatory Gathering



The Little Herb Shop in Littleton, NH & The Lakota Botanical Sanctuary in Vermont. This is a sharing of our healing power as women. Learn about herbalism, and how to empower authentic health & wild nourishment into your life... 

Please RSVP to this free event by registering below or calling (603) 444 - 5577.

This is a potluck event ~ please bring a delicious organic meal to share worthy of a Goddess. This is an on-going program. If you are interested in joining, please email Kim at


 ~~ Viva La Tradition ~~

 Fyre Cyder-Making Workshop!!


Fyre Cyder is a traditional remedy for colds, flus and was even used during the plague! It has been passed down through our herbal tradition and is used to improve digestion, increase circulation, and is considered a natural anti-biotic and is one of the best protocols to prevent yeast overgrowth, and so much more. 

Easy & fun to make, Fyre Cyder is a traditional effective household folk remedy!

 We will post this information for you to use & share and help bring awareness to others about this traditional recipe. It has been Trademarked so that none of us can make it and call it Fire Cider - a recipe that has been used and shared by many FOR MANY YEARS! 

Visit Free Fire Cider to learn more about the Traditions over Trademark important issue!


 Herbal Plant Medicine River-Walk dandelion-field.jpg

 Join us on a fun & informative botanical adventure along the beautiful Ammunoosic River walk in Littleton. We'll discover & discuss many aspects of  the healing medicine of local plants & trees indigenous to the North Country. This walk will include the Birch & Sumac trees, and the medicine plants, often known as common weeds, such as plantain, yarrow and of course our beloved dandelion, just to name a few! Bring along your enthusiasm and be prepared to meet many new plant allies just waiting all around you to help you! 


Introduction to Herbalism

Join us for an evening to talk about herbs... What is herbalism? How can it work for me? Learn how to identify quality herbs. What about herbal supplements? What exactly is a tincture, a decoction? Are spices considered herbs? I have this health issue, how can herbs help me? I want to optimize my health.... Bring all of  your questions. You'll leave our evening with a deeper understanding about Real Plant medicine, why herbs should be in your life & practical ways to make it so!



Fermentation Workshop

 sauerkraut.jpgThe process of fermenting foods—to preserve them and to make them more digestible and more nutritious –is as old as humanity. Come learn just how healing fermented foods are and how simple it is to add 'culture' to your lifestyle. Want to learn to use the cabbage and other vegetables you grew this year? Join us for this hands-on workshop. You will leave with a quart of fermenting sauerkraut you have made in our time together, as well as great recipes!



 Creating Your Spring Herbal Garden Workshop 

Join our “Creating Your Spring Herbal Garden” workshop and learn all the herbal garden MUST-KNOWs.  Be ready for the onset of spring blooming by planning ahead!              

Workshop features important gardening techniques such as:

  •  choosing your garden site
  •  maintaining the health of your garden
  •  choosing herbs to plant
  •  learning the herb medicines
  •  plan your seeding
  •  developing & drawing your garden space
  • Harvesting your herbs
  • Drying & processing your herbs


cancer-class.jpgBotanicals in the Treatment & Prevention of Cancer

Cancer statistics show that one out of every 4 people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. Come learn about integrative cancer strategies that are being used with conventional treatments, as well as botanical and nutritonal protocols that aid in the prevention of this disease.




Herbs For The Childbearing Years

baby-face.pngJoin us for an introduction to basic plants for the childbearing years. It will include information regarding safe and effective herbs for fertility, pregnancy, labor, postpartum and newborn care!


Animal Health


 We Love animals. Animals got our herbalist, Kim started on her herbal journey. She believes our animals are angels among us. Join us to become more empowered to naturally treat your animals. Thankfully we have many wonderful veterinarians around us for serious issues, however join us to learn a few basic alternatives. This class will cover minor boo-boo's, Skin concerns, Colds, fleas & parasites, ear concerns, and more.


 Would you like some personal attention with our herbalist? Please contact us for personal Well-being Consultations.

Green Blessings to you.