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About Us



The Little Herb Shoppe, established in 2011 to help educate the public to become knowledgeable herbal consumers who know what to look for in quality plant material. The more informed we are as consumers, the more we can demand from the manufacturers producing the medicines. Over time, we can help improve the overall quality of the botanical remedies available and the plants that give us herbal medicine are cared for and harvested responsibly to ensure their future as well as our own.

Here are some basic questions to ask to begin navigating the maze of herbal products:

Organic/Ethically Wild-crafted?
• If cultivated, were they grown organically?
• Were they ethically wild-crafted?

Quality control
• How do you know there is no adulteration?
• How does a company ensure that there are no heavy metals/pesticide residues in the plant material (this can be through testing, knowing where to harvest plants that haven’t been contaminated, cultivating one’s own using organic methods, etc.)?

How were the constituents extracted?
• Even though the plants may be ‘natural’ – some extraction processes involve harsh chemicals and solvents and are not at all natural. It can be particularly difficult to find out information about this – and confusing to try to interpret what company’s claim on their websites. Ask any company what processes they use or ask herbalists and practitioners you respect to recommend brands.

Social and Ecological Sustainability
• Are those growing and harvesting the medicines receiving a fair wage?
• Are the plants harvested in ways that enhance their long-term viability and health?

Please seek the advice of your doctor before using any herbal products.  Kim Hudson d/b/a “The Little Herb Shoppe” makes no medical claims and is not liable for any adverse effects resulting from the use of these products. Do not use in combination with prescription drugs or if you are pregnant, without doctor’s approval. These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and therefore, are not proven to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



The Little Herb Shoppe is a small woman-owned business at 19 Main Street in Littleton, NH. We’re an herbal apothecary that has offers a variety of highest quality hand-crafted herbal products to our community. In providing all of your herbal needs, our herbal products and medicines are created in small batches and always by hand. We work to balance strong ideals about the creation of these remedies with good business practice. We strive to create a happy, healthy workplace for all beings! 

Our Apothecary supports The Lakota Botanical and Wildlife Sanctuary where we grow and protect endangered forest plants and offer herbal gatherings, herbal consultations, and plant spirit medicine. The Little Herb Shoppe also supports The Burdock Fund which is applying for 501C3 status. The Fund and our Apothecary empowers those who seek to grow beyond current life conditioning with the help of herbal medicine and other skills. We accept donations and all profits support The Burdock Fund and The Lakota Botanical and Wildlife Sanctuary.


The Little Herb Shoppe offers herbs, tea blends, herbal formulas, fresh culinary spices, salves, lip balms, and infused oils. These and our many other herbal products are made from only Organic or wild-crafted herbs, oils, honey, beeswax, and vinegars. 

Some people say “But herbs don’t work!” This can be due to low-quality herbs or products that include toxic fillers or any number of unnecessary ingredients. We use only Organic or ethically wild-crafted ingredients. All of our oils are organic and Fair Trade. We minimize the use of estrogen-altering plastics and offer beautiful glass jars and bottles instead. Enjoy exploring the products we offer throughout our website for you. We also carry several locally-made products whose ingredients meet our own high standards. There are also homeopathic remedies, flower essences, essential oils, supplements, crystals, books, beautiful gifts at the shop. None of our products we sell are tested on animals!

Our mission to make quality herbs available that are affordable and teach people how to use herbs freely available from their own backyards - Herbs are the people’s medicine! Plants connect us to God and Spirit and cultivate trust with our inner wisdom.

Our Blends:

Our formulations are carefully and lovingly made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Many herb products on the market are made with inferior products, and with oils or other ingredients that are not organic, or that are packaged in plastic. We use organic or ethically wild-crafted ingredients that are properly processed and stored to ensure they are the most effective products for the health of each of us, and the earth. Treat yourself to some of the purest herbal products on the market.