If you are passionate about plants and their medicine, natural healing, spirituality, and would love to share your curiosity and wisdom with a team of strong local women… And you are interested in gaining valuable hands on training in a unique and beautiful apothecary. An herb shoppe that is tied to a magical botanical and wildlife sanctuary… This could be your chance to follow your joy. We are so excited to offer this year-long, one day per week position, packed with experiences and mentorship equivalent to a year or more at a quality in-person herb school.

Your commitment:

  • One day per week for a year, and we hope longer. This is intended to be a supportive program for you.
  • Offer Excellent customer service skills and create a friendly beautiful experience to our customers.
  • Organization as you help us prepare products, support daily operations, and keep the shop looking and smelling beautiful.
  • To Study and Learn!!
  • Problem solve. And self motivate while working alone or with others.
  • Take great care of your body, mind, and spirit. This will be a healing journey for you.
  • 1 project for the Apothecary or Botanical Sanctuary, or Burdock Fund.

        Your Internship

  • Kim’s mentorship, guidance, and experience.
  • Being part of a team of strong local women who have a passion for plants and natural healing.
  • Monthly classes, workshops or events at the shop or The Lakota Botanical & Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Monthly circles – Healing circles and Book Club.
  • Support as you begin to step into your next journey and deeper into your healing.
  • Shop product discount.
  • Reading List with book discount
  • Contribute to our authentic beautiful shop. Meet amazing locals and visitors!
  • Consultation support on your healing journey.

 Email Kim at with your resume, cover letter and references. 

Be sure to let us know your interests, availability and retail, herbal, healing, manufacturing, computer, graphic design, writing, building….  or other experience. What’s important to you and why is this calling to you? Be as comprehensive as possible so we can understand who you are.  Your own healing journey will be awakened, challenged and supported at the shop – As we continue our mission of bringing plants and empowerment to our world.

Volunteers @ The Lakota Botanical and Wildlife Sanctuary

Scheduled Volunteers are welcome at the botanical and wildlife sanctuary.

We not only tend to the plants… We prepare trails, mow paths, repair fencing, create beds for plants, and protect our forest medicals. DO you have other skills? Have an interesting project that supports the land, or off-grid living, alternative building, etc.. Let us know. Couples, kids and animals welcome. Email Kim.


Recipes, Herbal, Health & Beauty Tips, Workshops, Online classes, and more to empower & inspire. Well Being is your Birthright!

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