Quality sleep increases resilience, helps our body repair damage, handle stress, and process our emotions. We all know that a poor night’s sleep has a negative impact on your mood, energy and productivity. All phases of sleep are vital including the deep REM cycle. If you don’t regularly get a good night’s sleep and wake feeling replenished, our Guide to Sleep is for you. And never fear, even if you’ve been plagued with sleep issues forever, or have been on sleeping pills, your body is miraculous in its ability to heal. Trust that your body will respond when you give it the patience and care you deserve.

“What can I do to sleep better?” is one of the most frequently asked questions at the shop. In fact, our most popular remedies are Sleep Easy Tea and Sleep Easy Tincture. These safe and effective herbal sleep allies, combined with simple holistic tips, will prepare your mind and body to sleep like a baby.

You may have heard that the lights from your television, laptop, and iphone disrupt your bodies natural circadian rhythm. As daylight fades, the body is signaled to produce natural melatonin, which makes us sleepy. Turn off those devices. This alone may work wonders within just a couple of days. We all know that being online is a tough habit to break. But it not only helps sleep, its healthier for your nervous system too! Try reading a book before bed instead and see how relaxed you begin to feel.

Avoid eating when stressed in general, and especially late in the evening as a full belly can disrupt sleep. Try some of our Digestive Bitters to help you digest and rest.

A relaxing herbal or epsom salt bath followed by some gentle yoga, with 4 or 5 deep relaxing breaths will do wonders to soothe an anxious nervous system or an over-active mind.

A classic Ayurvedic tradition is to oilate your body. Oilation is a deeply relaxing ritual, beneficial for your skin, immune system, and nervous system. Try our Fair-Trade Organic Lavender or Original Massage Oils. Pour a tablespoon into your palm and gently massage the oil into each area of your body for a replenishing night’s sleep.

Consider keeping your electric alarm clock and iphone at least 6′ away from your bed. These devices can emit a strong EMF current, which can be very disruptive to sleep.

Journaling is another great way to set down your worries from the day. Sweet dreams!

Would YOU like to explore more about sleep? Drop us a note to be added to the list for our upcoming ‘Sound Sleep’ online course.

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    • Hi Charlene,
      Yes, insomnia is utterly exhausting. Not uncommon unfortunately. If you’ve tried our Sleep Easy blends and the tips in this Guide to Sleep blog post, we can explore more in our Sleep Sound class when that launches.


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