We offer both in-person and phone wellness consultations. Our herbalist, Kim can help with a variety of wellness concerns including stress and anxiety, sleep challenges, skin conditions, fatigue, inflammation, symptoms of chronic disease, or anything else you’d like to approach from an herbal and natural perspective. And, she loves to help healthy people stay that way! Kim will empower you on your health journey.

Once you purchase a consultation, a team member will contact you to schedule your appointment. We will also email you an Herbal Intake form. Once the form is completed, please email it back to us at or bring it to your consultation appointment.

Please Note: Consultations are generally scheduled out about 4-6 weeks.

Consultations are 50 minutes. Follow ups are 25 minutes.

If you’ve already had a consultation with Kim, please book a Follow-Up Consultation.

Client Testimonials

“My experience with Kim at the Little Herb Shoppe began when I was trying to become pregnant. I had tried everything. I was frustrated and scared by my inability to conceive. Kim was warm and supportive from the beginning and offered expert advice and consultation. I began to listen to my body in a different way, using herbs to support myself, naturally and holistically. I became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby girl! I continue to nourish my body using the wisdom that Kim passed onto me, and recently gave birth to my son. I have recommended Kim and her powerful work to many people and will continue to do so.”  

AS, Happy Mother of two

“Kim has been made a me believer in herbs, not only for me but, for my dogs. This past summer my Lab ended up with deep wounds to his paws. Kim suggested soaking his paws and then after time apply a healing cream. Yes, I know how do get a dog to soak his paws??? Trust me, it was not easy at first but, my Lab knew after the first soak he felt better. Within a little over a week, we’re out hiking again! I knew going to the vet would not be as helpful as Kim. She is my GO TO!! Much love Kim, you’re amazing!!”

Gina F.

I have a young dog who contracted kennel cough. I was in the Little Herb Shoppe and knew Kim’s herbal knowledge has helped so many.  So I wondered if anything could help my suffering little guy. Kim gave me an organic bone broth recipe which included some medicinal mushrooms which I measured out along with a couple of herbs she recommended.  Three days later my beloved dog was so much better and his cough was almost non existent. So it doesn’t matter if you are 2 or 4 legged the Little Herb Shoppe is for everyone!!


“I appreciate your skill in meeting people where they are at, I notice with myself and now with others, you offer a safe place; both emotionally and within the Shoppe itself! People feel this immediately and give you very genuine information about themselves- and with that I see you share the herbs with them- through guidance, health and wellness discussions, it seems that that it is part of your medicine.”



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