Welcome to Our New Blog!

How are you all doing? 2020 was not only bizarre, but extremely (is ‘challenging’ even the word for it?!).  We’ve been completely overhauling our shop, product and program offerings as well as our website.

Our new blog feature will educate and empower you in some basic herbal practices. Stay tuned as we answer questions you may have.

Folks often ask us:

  • What’s a tincture?
  • I tried herbs, how come they didn’t work for me?
  • Whats the difference between your tea blends and the teabags I use from the regular store?
  • How do I make this tea?
  • What do I do with teas made of roots?!
  • What do you have for weight loss…. Hormones, libido, skin rashes, arthritis, and anxiety!
  • And finally….
  • Does this taste good?

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