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The Little Herb Shoppe offers herbs, tea blends, herbal formulas, fresh culinary spices, salves, lip balms, and infused oils. These and our many other herbal products are made from only Organic or wild-crafted herbs, oils, honey, beeswax, and vinegars.

Some people say “But herbs don’t work.” This is often due to the use of low-quality herbs or products that include toxic ingredients such as non-organic oils. We use only Organic and wild-crafted ingredients in all of our formulas. We avoid the use of any estrogen-altering plastics and offer beautiful glass jars and bottles instead. We carry locally-made products whose ingredients meet our own standards. There are also homeopathic remedies, flower essences, essential oils, supplements, crystals, books and more. None of our products are tested on animals! It is our mission to make quality herbs available that are affordable and to teach people how to use herbs freely available from their own backyards. Herbs are the people’s medicine! The shop supports our botanical sanctuary that stewards the endangered plants. We want to educate folks about the beautiful plant world, Mother Nature that needs our love. That care is a mirror of our inner love. Plants connect us to Spirit and cultivate trust with our inner wisdom.

Our Blends:

Our formulations are carefully and lovingly made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Many herb products on the market are made with inferior products, and with oils or other ingredients that are not organic, or that are packaged in plastic. We use organic or ethically wild-crafted ingredients that are properly processed and stored to ensure they are the most effective products for the health of each of us, and the earth.

Below is a recent inventory of our herbs and spices. Please call to see what we have in stock or may have added. These are approximate prices, as they fluctuate.


Acai Berry Powder Call for current pricing
Alfalfa Leaf $3.00
Alfalfa Seed $3.00
All Purpose Seasoning $3.00
Allspice $3.00
Angelica Root $3.00
Arnica Flower $22.00
Ashwagandha Root $4.00
Ashwagandha Root Powder $3.00
Astragalus Root, Cut & Sifted $3.00
Astragalus Slices $3.00

Barberry Root $3.00
Basil $3.00
Bentonite Clay Powder $3.00
Bilberry $6.50
Birch Bark $3.00
Black Cohosh Root $4.00
Black Walnut Hull Powder $3.00
Blessed Thistle $3.00
Blue Cohosh Root $3.00
Bloodroot $9.00
Blue Flag Root $7.00
Blue Vervain $3.00
Boneset $3.00
Borage $3.00
Broccoli Sprout Seed $6.00
Buchu Leaf $7.00
Buckwheat Sprout Seed $3.00
Burdock Root $3.00
Burdock Root Powder $3.00
Butcher’s Broom Root $3.00

Cacao Beans $4.00
Cacao Nibs, Roasted $4.00
Cacao Powder, Raw $3.00
Calendula Flowers $5.00
California Poppy $5.00
Caraway $2.00
Cardamom, Pods $7.00
Cardamom, Hulled $8.00
Carob Nibs, Raw $3.00
Carob Nibs, Roasted $3.00
Carob Powder, Raw $3.00
Cascara Sagrada $3.00
Catnip $3.00
Cat’s Claw Bark $3.00
Cat’s Claw Powder $3.00
Cayenne Powder $2.00
Celandine $3.00
Celery Salt $3.00
Celery Seed $2.50
Celery Seed Powder $3.00
Chaga $7.00
Chaga Powder $8.00
Chamomile Flowers $3.50
Chaparral $3.00
Chia Seeds $3.00
Chickweed $3.00
Chicory Root, Roasted $3.00
Chili Powder $3.00
Chilis, Whole $3.00
Chilis, Flakes $3.00
Chlorella $6.00
Cinnamon Chips, Cassia $3.00
Cinnamon Chips, Ceylon (Sweet) $4.00
Cinnamon Sticks, Cassia $2.00 or $0.25/stick
Cinnamon Sticks, Ceylon (Sweet) $4.00 or $0.75/stick
Cinnamon Powder, Cassia $2.50
Cinnamon Powder, Ceylon (Sweet) $4.00
Cleavers $3.00
Cloves, Whole $3.00
Codonopsis Root $6.00
Codonopsis Root, Powder $7.00
Comfrey Leaf $3.00
Comfrey Root $3.00
Copal Resin $3.00
Cordyceps Powder $12.00
Coriander Seed $2.00
Coriander Seed Powder $2.50
Cornflowers $10.00
Crampbark $8.00
Cumin Seed $3.00
Cumin Seed Powder $3.00
Curry Leaf $3.00
Curry Powder $3.00

Damiana $3.00
Dandelion Leaf $3.00
Dandelion Root $3.00
Devil’s Claw Root $3.00
Dill $3.00
Dog Grass Root $3.00
Dong Quai Root, Cut & Sifted $4.00
Dong Quai Root, Sliced $4.00

Echinacea Augustofolia Root $6.00
Echinacea Purpurea Root $3.50
Echinacea Purpurea Leaf $3.00
Elder Berries $3.00
Elder Flower $4.00
Elecampane Root $3.00
Eleuthero Root $3.00
Eucalyptus Leaf $3.00
Eye Bright $4.00

Fennel Seed $3.00
Fenugreek Seed $2.00
Fenugreek Powder $2.50
Feverfew $3.00
Figwort $3.00
Flax Seed $2.50
Fo-Ti Root $3.00
Frankencense Resin $3.00
French White Clay Powder $3.00

Garam Masala $4.00
Garlic Pepper $3.00
Gentian Root $5.00
Ginger Root $3.00
Ginger Root Powder $3.00
Gingko Leaf $3.00
Gingko Leaf Powder $3.00
Ginseng, American, Cut (5-7 years old) $19.00
Ginseng, American, Whole (5-7 years old) $17.00
Goat’s Rue $3.00
Goji (Lycii) Berries $4.00
Goldenrod $3.00
Goldenseal Root Powder $20.00
Gotu Kola $4.00
Gravel Root $4.00
Grilling Herbs $3.00
Guggul Gum Resin $3.00
Gymnema Leaf $3.00

Hawthorn Berry $3.00
Hawthorn Leaf & Flower $3.00
Hemp Seeds $4.00
Herbs de Provence $3.00
Hibiscus $3.00
Holy Basil (Tulsi) $4.00
Hops $7.00
Horehound $3.00
Horse Chesnut $3.00
Horsetail $3.00
Hydrangea Root $4.00
Hyssop $3.00

Italian Seasoning $3.00

Jamacian Dogwood $4.00
Japanese Knotweed $3.00
Jasmine Flowers $4.00
Juniper Berries $3.00

Kava Kava Root $5.00
Kelp $5.00
Kaolin Clay Powder $3.00
Kudzu Root $3.00

Lady’s Mantle $3.00
Lavender Flowers $4.00
Lemon Balm $3.00
Lemongrass $3.00
Lemon Peel $3.00
Lemon Pepper $3.00
Lemon Verbena $3.00
Licorice Root $3.00
Linden $4.00
Lobelia $5.00
Lomatium Root $6.00

Maca Powder $3.00
Maitake Mushrooms $5.00
Marjoram $3.00
Marshmallow Root $3.00
Meadowsweet $3.00
Mesquite Seasoning $4.00
Milk Thistle Seed $3.00
Milk Thistle Seed Powder $3.00
Motherwort $3.00
Mugwort $3.00
Mullein $3.00
Mustard Seed, Brown $2.00
Myrrh Gum Resin $3.00
Myrrh Gum Powder $3.00

Nettles $3.00
Nutmeg, Whole $7.00
Nutritional Yeast $2.00

Oats, Milky $5.00
Oatstraw $3.00
Olive Leaf $3.00
Orange Peel $3.00
Oregano $3.00
Oregon Grape $3.00
Osha Root $9.00

Passion Flower $4.00
Pau d’Arco Bark $3.00
Peppercorns, Black $3.00
Peppercorns, White $3.00
Peppermint $3.00
Pickling Spice $3.00
Plantain $3.00
Pleurisy $4.00
Poke Root $3.00
Poppy Seeds $3.00
Prickly Ash Root $5.00

Raspberry Leaf $3.00
Red Clover Leaf $3.00
Red Clover Flowers $9.00
Red Root $3.00
Rhemianna Root $3.00
Reishi Mushrooms $6.00
Rhodiola Root $3.00
Rosehips $3.00
Rosemary $3.00
Roses $4.00

Sage $3.00
Sage, White $4.00
Sarsaparilla Root $3.00
Sarsaparilla Root Powder $3.00
Sassafrass Bark $5.00
Savory Winter $3.00
Saw Palmetto Berry Powder $4.00
Schisandra Berries $4.00
Self Heal $4.00
Senna Leaf Powder $2.00
Sesame Seeds $3.00
Sheep Sorrel $4.00
Shiitake Mushrooms $5.00
Skullcap $4.00
Slippery Elm Bark $5.00
Slippery Elm Powder $5.00
Spearmint $3.00
Spirulina $5.00
St. John’s Wort $3.00
Star Anise $3.00
Stevia Leaf Powder $3.00
Stone Root $3.00

Tarragon $6.00
Thyme $3.00
Turmeric Root Powder $3.00
Turkey Rhubarb Root Powder $4.00

Uva Ursi $3.00

Valerian Root $4.00
Vanilla Beans $5.00/bean
Violet Leaf $3.00
Vitex Berries $3.00

Wheatgrass Juice Powder $5.00
White Oak Bark $3.00
White Willow Bark $3.00
Wild Cherry Bark $3.00
Wild Yam Powder $3.50
Wood Betony $3.00
Wormwood $3.00

Yarrow $3.00
Yellow Dock Root $3.00
Yerba Mate $3.00
Yucca Root $3.00

Please note that prices are by the ounce unless otherwise stated. For example, if you buy 4 ounces of catnip priced at $4.00 per ounce, your total will be $16.00.

If you are interested in placing an herb order with us, just call! Let us know which herbs you'd like and the quantity of each one, and we'll be happy to ship them to you wherever you are. You may reach us at (603) 444-5577. Thank you for your business! Purchasing our herbs is one way you can be sure you're getting the most out of your herbal remedies-- our quality speaks for itself!

 Botanical medicine is one of the oldest healing methods in human history.

The World Health Organization estimates that 80 percent of the world’s population presently uses herbal medicine for some aspect of primary healthcare. There is a wide range in what is marketed as herbal medicine. The effectiveness depends on the quality and vitality of the original plant material and on the care and attention brought to harvesting, processing and storage. These issues are vital to the quality of any product we consume; and are especially important when we use these remedies as medicine for healing.

As the natural products industry has grown — it was measured to be $5 billion in the U.S. alone in 2009 — compromises have been made along the chain of production that undermine the integrity and efficacy of the medicines produced. The plants might be harvested incorrectly or at the wrong time and so instead of being vibrant green, the leaves have yellowed and started to die. They might be stored improperly, irradiated with chemicals or adulterated with similar species that are easier to harvest or more plentiful. In more extreme examples, harsh solvents such as hexane are used to extract the chemical constituents of the plant.


Please consider joining UPS.org (United Plant Savers) and learn how to support the plants that so lovingly give themselves to us. Over-harvesting is a problem as herbalism has gained popularity in the past 10 years. Please come learn about Chaga, and how to use it with reverence. It is not ever able to be sustainably harvested! It can be used with great respect. Please come learn with us in this fascinating, loving & fun adventure. Thank you for your support. You can order our teas, herbal extracts, herbal skin-care & much more through other pages on this website. Thank you for your support - Our shop in Littleton, NH supports local education about the plants & is here as a resource for locals to care for themselves with real plant medicine. Our shop also supports our herbal sanctuary close by in Vermont.



Please seek the advice of your doctor before using any herbal products.  Kim Hudson d/b/a “The Little Herb Shoppe” makes no medical claims and is not liable for any adverse effects resulting from the use of these products. Do not use in combination with prescription drugs or if you are pregnant, without doctor’s approval. These products have not been evaluated by the FDA and therefore, are not proven to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.





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