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The Little Herb Shoppe seeks shop help 1 day each week 

We're still looking for a part-time employee for 1 day each week and occasional helping out.
A labor of love.
Interested? Please email us your cover letter and resume to Info@LittleHerbShop.com
Retail and Apothecary assistance.
We have some work-trade projects too. Please email. Thank you.
The Little Herb Shoppe was created to share herbal remedies within the Western Herbalism tradition, which teaches us that the Mind – Body – Spirit – Health connection is deeply linked to the health of our natural environment. We offer a variety of quality herbs, herbal products that we make and grow much of ourselves, along with a few important quality supplements. We have a large variety herbs, some used in other herbal traditions, such as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the Ayurvedic Tradition. Shop events include classes to learni how to incorporate herbs into your daily life as foods, teas and by cooking with culinary spices. We are passionate about helping folks reconnect to the natural world, a bit of wildness, and an inner 'knowing' how to work with the plants. To love, care for & respect them... And themselves in doing so.



Apothecary Helpers

Kim Hudson, community folk herbalist, began studying herbs in the early 90's with a book by Juliette de Bairacli Levy, The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog And Cat. Learning about the healing power of plants through Juliette's book changed her approach to life. She later pursued more training and continually attends teachings, and as most herbalists may tell you, she learns from our customers, as well as from the beloved life-affirming plants that she considers her most loving and strongest of allies.

She created The Little Herb Shoppe in Dec 2011 (opened April 2012). Her vision is to empower people to nourish themselves deeply through healing relationships with plants. She chose Main Street Littleton as home for the shop to help grow public awareness about quality herbal medicine & plant conservation. Her background includes healing work & massage, Shamanism, Yoga, and of course... plant medicine. Kim loves Littleton and is so happy to help spread the hope and empowerment that herbs give to us.

Influenced by teachings of Western herbalism, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Indigenous teachings, Kim offers mind, body and heart-based herbal wellness consultations by appointment, either in-person or by phone. Please visit our Consultation page to learn more.

She lives off-grid and raises dairy goats, chickens & endangered woodland plants. Interested in visiting The Lakota Botanical Sanctuary? Volunteer and help with the plants and sanctuary. Please send an email to Info@LittleHerbShop.com 

Alexis Kourafous - The Little Herb Shoppe steeped into Alexa's heart in the Fall of 2014. She interned at the shop while completing her studies at Plymouth State University in Health Education, Women's Studies, and Art. Alexa loves the gentle and intuitive nature of herbs - her favorites are Red Clover and Oatstraw. She now works remotely for The Little Herb Shoppe helping with graphic design creations as she sips some Lion Heart tea. "Plant medicine is so honest," she says, "I love working with the shop and aiding Kim's vision of spreading herbal based wisdom." Alexa now lives in Boston with her cats and spends her time cooking soul food and adventuring.

Carrie Hill 2018 Intern

Laura Bennington New Herbalist in Training


Yes, we have fun doing our plant work, yet this work requires focus, commitment and integrity for us to be able to grow or forage and make our plant medicine. We strive to create a safe beautiful space for people to visit, learn and explore and meet the plants!

Some of this may be better expressed by those who've spent time at our beautiful Apothecary & Sanctuary.

A letter from Justine Ring (former employee)

"The Little Herb Shoppe was the first apothecary Iever worked in. I was trained to run the shop which includes medicine making, customer service and sales, merchandising, training interns, etc. My favorite part of the job, by far, was making medicine. I loved working with the plants directly and creating natural and effective  medicines with them. There is a tremendous amount of care and detail that goes into making high quality and consistent products. I learned the ins and outs of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's) and I have yet to find an apothecary that is more organized, structured and attentive than Little Herb Shoppe. 

There are all kinds of ways to run a successful apothecary, but I have consistently seen the necessity of community support and volunteer programs. All of the herbal businesses I have seen have at least some form of work trade and/or internships which serve as a way to both connect with community as well as to meet all of the demands that are required to keep an apothecary up and running. It is a great opportunity to build community around health and wellness as well as to learn about what the herb shop has to offer by attending workshops, herb identification walks, or even volunteering to work in the herb shop where you'll learn how to make medicines and much more. 

The Little Herb Shoppe is also the most beautiful apothecary I have ever seen! The space has a warm, enchanting and healing energy. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to spend so much time there and it was a critical stepping stone for me on my path toward practicing herbalism." JR

A letter from Carrie Hill (Little Herb Shoppe Intern)
"I appreciate your skill in meeting people where they are at, I notice with myself and now with others, you offer a safe place; both emotionally and within the Shoppe itself! People feel this immediately and give you very genuine information about themselves- and with that I see you share the herbs with them- through guidance, health and wellness discussions, it seems that that it is part of your medicine. Also, I’m appreciating seeing how I’ve observed you set boundaries with folks, remain kind, positive and maintain a healthy connection..... AND you laugh! And when you make mistakes, you take ownership, pass along the learning and keep going!
This was a sweet surprise! We asked for a short paragraphs of experiences, important lessons from the apothecary to share with future interns... and received this instead from Alexa Kourafas. (Little Herb Shoppe Apprentice) Warning.. Lex swears a bit here ;-)

The Little Herb Shoppe seeks shop help 1 day each week 

The Little Herb Shoppe is an important health care resource for many, and you’ll be joining a great team who do what they love and love what they do.

Our ideal candidate has a happy, self-motivated, and professional disposition who would enjoy a retail environment at our Apothecary on Main Street Littleton, NH.  1 day each week and occasional other coverage.  Qualities we seek are excellent customer service skills, and having apothecary or retail sales experience is a definite plus. Basic computer skills are also important. As a Staff member, you'll warmly welcome and guide our customers through our selection of herbal products, resources and services. 

Assist in the production (teas, herbal blends, herbal oil blends, etc.), keep shelves stocked, keep the store clean and tidy, place orders with vendors as needed, fill internet and phone orders, and a variety of other tasks that vary day to day. And learn a lot!

The Little Herb Shoppe is a happy and beautiful apothecary, and we want to bring on someone who appreciates our mission and is passionate about plant medicine and building community. Long-term and year-round is important.


Little experience? Consider an Apprenticeship with us.



Classes, Store Discount, Herbal Education, Bonuses, Healing Environment


Please email or snail mail your resume, references, and a letter describing your interest and availability. Email is Info@LittleHerbShop.com. Our mailing address is 19 Main Street, Littleton, NH 03561. Please already live locally within 20-25 miles of Littleton. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.



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