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About Us


The Little Herb Shoppe is hiring.

The Little Herb Shoppe is looking for an Apothecary assistant for a part-time position. This could turn into full-time for someone who can help us take the shop to its potential. The retail support position assists our herbalist and is responsible for stocking, packaging herbs and other products we make, processing orders, and works on our website.
We seek a candidate with the following characteristics:
* Is passionate about giving great customer service
* Knowledge of herbalism and/or natural health care and/or holistic health
* Strong sales ability
* Experience with merchandising
* Reliability and attention to detail
* Flexibility in schedule to meet occasional changing needs of the store
* Loves to learn, self-study and take on challenges
* Creative thinker
* Stays calm under pressure
* Able to handle a variety of tasks
* Able to work on your feet and lift heavy boxes, use stairs is necessary for this position
* Experience with computers and/or point-of-sale systems

 Every aspect of this job supports the shop and our herbalist in the Little Herb Shoppe's mission of helping empower folks and plant preservation.
We seek a warm, friendly person who will inspire confidence in our customers while sharing with them about our products, services, and web store.

Position starts June. Starting $9 - $11 + Significant bonus. 

 Product discount. Free classes.

Please reply in email with your cover letter and resume. Thank you.

View our post on Craigslist https://nh.craigslist.org/ret/6149392771.html

The Little Herb Shoppe was created to share herbal remedies within the Western Herbalism tradition, which teaches us that the Mind – Body – Spirit – Health connection is inextricably linked to the health of our natural environment. We also offer a variety of quality herbs and supplements used in other herbal traditions, such as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the Ayurvedic Tradition. Shoppe events will include classes for ‘re-learning’ how to incorporate herbs into your daily life as foods, teas and by cooking with culinary spices. We are passionate about helping folks reconnect to the natural world, a bit of wildness, and an inner knowing & remembering how to work with the plants. To love, care for & respect them... And themselves in doing so.

The Little Herb Shoppe also offers health, cooking & a variety of herbal classes, as well as other healing events such as womans' circles, yoga, herbal/plant, tree, fungi  walks/retreats and more at the retail store in Littleton, NH and up at The Lakota Botanical Sanctuary, our 600+ acre learning retreat In Vermont. Sign up for our free herbal E-newsletter to stay tuned in for the fun & educational events we offer!  Thank you for your support of our shop, as it supports our Botanical Sanctuary where we educate folks to plant & care for endangered plants in the forests. Please come introduce yourself.... and remember to drink herbal tea!

Little Herb Shoppe Staff

Kim Hudson, a community folk herbalist, began studying herbs in the early 90's with a book by Juliette de Bairacli Levy, The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog And Cat, while trying to 'cure' her beloved dog, Yahso. Learning about the healing power of plants through this book changed her approach to life. She later pursued more formal training and continually attends teachings, and constantly learns from customers and the plants.

She created The Little Herb Shoppe in Dec 2011 (opened April 2012). Her vision is to empower people to nourish themselves deeply through healing relationships with help from the plants. She chose Main Street Littleton as home for the shop to help grow public awareness about quality herbal medicine & plant conservation. Kim wants to empower others by helping to bridge the gap between people & nature.

Kim is influenced & blends the teachings of Western herbalism, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and offers effective, mind, body and heart-based herbal wellness consultations by appointment, both in-person or by phone. Please visit our Consultation page to learn more.

She lives off-grid in the forest where she raises goats, chickens & endangered woodland plants. Kim & friends are creating The Lakota Botanical Sanctuary, a 600 acre herb farm, learning & retreat center.

Sarah Wellman first took an interest in the many benefits of plants while working with troubled youth, where she witnessed positive behavior changes from those who worked closely with both the vegetable and flower gardens. This experience led Sarah into exploring the health benefits of various plants & herbs, and she became a customer of The Little Herb Shoppe. She made a personal goal of learning the medicinal value of a different tea with each visit. Sarah is very excited to be a part of The Little Herb Shoppe through customer service & graphic design. She is passionate about supporting Kim’s vision of educating others about nourishing and caring for their mind & bodies with our natural environment. Sarah looks forward to continuing to learn from Kim as well as helping support & educate the larger community.

Alexis Kourafous The Little Herb Shoppe steeped into Alexa's heart in the Fall of 2014. She interned at the shop while completing her studies at Plymouth State University in Health Education, Women's Studies, and Art. Alexa loves the gentle and intuitive nature of herbs - her favorites are Red Clover and Oatstraw. She now works remotely for The Little Herb Shoppe helping with graphic design creations as she sips some Lion Heart tea. "Plant medicine is so honest," she says, "I love working with the shop and aiding Kim's vision of spreading herbal based wisdom." Alexa now lives in Boston with her cats and spends her time cooking soul food and adventuring.


 Guest Teachers

Alyssa Doolittle, M.S. has been studying & living with plant medicine for 20 years. Early herbal apprenticeships include Colette Gardiner & Howie Brounstein in Eugene, OR.  She studied with many diverse herbalists while completing over 600 hours of study from the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies 2003. Other notable teachers include Paul Bergner at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, and Elizabeth Moore, herbalist/midwife, also in Boulder, CO. She taught Botanical courses at Birthwise Midwifery School from 2005-2012. One of Alyssa’s passions is spending time connecting with plants and people outdoors. 

Conifer Morze began gardening at six years old helping her father plant peas.  She grew up weeding & hoeing the large family garden and has been an organic & bio-dynamic gardener for over 50 years. She studied herbalism with Rosemary Gladstar &  Pam Montgomery and has attended numerous herbal workshops. She is a Reiki practioner and a Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner. She lives & works on a 265 acre tree farm with many gardens in Canaan, Vermont.

Eliza Travisano, Community Herbalist, managed an herbal apothecary on Cape Cod for 10 years. She has a weekly herb talk radio show out of Provincetown, Mass. Eliza bagan studying herbs 18 years ago on her own and then began to pursue more formal training. Her main teachers include Pam Hyde-Nakai, Stephan Brown and 7Song with whom she completed a 500 hour course at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine in 2008.

Lisa Mase' is a homesteader, folk herbalist, food justice activist, mindful eating practitioner and food as medicine educator certified in Sustainable Food Systems through the University of Vermont. After ten years of chronic illness, she took charge of her well-being with food as medicine. Since 2009, she has been offering phone, video and in-person consultations with those who need support in healing from chronic conditions. She works with FODMAPS, SCD, GAPS, Paleo, Gluten-free, and other dietary protocols. In her teaching, she draws from the wisdom traditions of European Herbalism, Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, Mindful Eating, and Chinese Five Element Theory to offer a comprehensive, universal view of food as medicine. 


Whats involved with running an Herb Shoppe & Working Apothecary?

The 'retail' supports the medicinal herbal work that we offer as well as the plants & projects up at The Lakota Botanical Sanctuary in Sheffield, Vermont. We carry only quality herbs & oils that we search out for being properly grown, ethically-harvested & quality processed/extracted, or we grow or wildharvest our own. For so many, knowing what quality herbs actually are is a challenge these days, as marketing & fads, a myriad of misinformation, or getting herbal advice off of Facebook can make it a completely overwhelming task. Or we get lost thinking herbalism is essential oils (it is and should be only a small part).

We manage our retail store and sell quality products. We also make many of our products & herbal medicines and skin-care, mouthwashes, massage oils and much more. We create & print all of our own labels, we do all of our own product-making and packaging to insure quality, a human touch & love go into all that we offer.

We ethically wild-craft or grow many of our herbs. We do all of our own payroll, accounting, website maintenance & online sales - and phone sales - as well as facebook posts and write our own newsletters. And we love it all and sharing it with so many! We offer a variety of classes and our herbalist offers wellness consultations.  We attend herbal conferences and stay up to date with quality herbal information to share with you.

Whew "Thank God for herbs!"

We were (slightly) profitable last year and heading into year 6 in April of 2017, we know this will improve! We share our work, so you know how much we appreciate your support at the shop. We exist because there is such a need to help educate folks about real plant medicine and to empower them to remember their ability to heal themselves. We strive to be a valuable resource with you, our community. Thank you to all of you who shop here online or in person - who are open & interested to learn - who come in and ask questions and honor how hard we are working to make the shop happen. Our mission is to empower people and to give hope, and our work is a daily labor of love.


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